NORD Ekspedisjon was founded in 2017

Our defined values are; Innovative, offensive, care and dedicated. With these values our development and production will be done with high focus on safety and leaving a minimum footprint, all our guides have necessary training and licenses so that you are safe with us.

We are based in Alta, one of the northernmost cities in the world. The geographical location is our advantage. Easy access all year, several direct flights from Oslo conected with Europe and the rest of the world every day. We provide service and different packages customized for the different seasons and weather conditions.

We organize daily guided tours, explorer multiday packages and exclusive tailormade packages. If you want to explore the mystery of the Northern lights, the exotic Sapmi people and culture, the wild fjords, Finnmark Plateau, frozen nature or simply just enjoy the silence in the North, NORD Ekspedisjon can make it happen 

Are you travelling alone or in a bigger group, we can handle your request.

Meet our crew


Vegard, the founder of NORD Ekspedisjon, has always had passion for nature and exploring new areas in the Arctic.

With NORD Ekspedisjon he wants to inspire people to explore and experience these magic moments. This in mind, high quality is what you get throughout your stay. Therefor you will always have professional and experienced local guides.



Hans-Petter has completed a bachelor's degree in outdoor activities and nature-based guidance at UIT, The Arctic University of Norway. He loves to be outdoor and experience wilderness and untouched nature. He is passionate about kayaking, hunting and skiing. He is an educated activity leader for sea kayaking from the Norwegian paddle federation (NPF).

In the study year 2015/16 he spent a whole year at Svalbard where he took an Arctic Nature Guide education (ANG) and worked for Hurtigruta Svalbard. Hans-Petter has experience with hiking trips, snowmobile trips, ice caving, beltwagon trips, kayak expeditions and ski expeditions. In may 2016 he went on a 14-days ski expedition to the higest mountain on Svalbard with guests.

He is also active in Alta Red Cross and has completed several first aid courses. So with Hans-Petter as a guide you are in safe hands!




Åsa has been in the hospitatlity and tourism industry for over a decade.
Over the last 4years she has been involved in sales with a high focus on tailor-made tours for group and individual travelers in the Arctic.
Åsa is swedish and she has been in Norway since 2007 and fell in love in the Northern region, therefore decided to spend the last 8 years in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.
She began a new chapter in the Arctic exploration by moving to Alta in the beginning of 2019. With a city that has so much to offer all year round, she couldn't resist the temptation. Thinking of all winter and summer activities, and areas to be discovered by foot, ski, snowmobile, dogsledding and boat, she saw the infinite possibilities to share the Alta experience with the travellers and explorers coming to visit.



Astrid is a 24 year old girl that has started her careere as an Arctic Nature Guide, after completing education in Arctic Outdoor Life at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway. Now she lives and works as a host at Alten Lodge in Rafsbotn, Alta. In addition, she is a waiter at Stakeriet and guiding guest for NORD Ekspedisjon.

Astrid has been working seasonally in tourism since 2011. She started at tourist cabins, has tried as a guide on the Hurtigruten Fram, both in the Arctic and Antarctica, and lecturer and waitress in Svalbard before she started working with us.
She liked to discover new and hidden gems in the local area, but also go on longer walks that challenge the body and provide incredible natural experiences. Astrid is very keen to give other people good and positive experiences both in nature, in the resturant or at Alten Lodge.



Kaja grew up on the magic islands of Lofoten, and naturally developed a passion for spending time in the great outdoors. This passion made her choose a high school education that specialized in flyfishing, guiding and entrepreneurship. Kaja's love for fish, fjords and mountains brought her to Steinkjer, Alta and Svalbard to continue her education in the field of nature conservation and nature-based adventure. 

Kaja is a certified Arctic Nature Guide and is currently in her last year of the bachelor's degree in outdoor activities and nature-based guiding at UIT, The Arctic University of Norway. During her year on Svalbard she crossed the island from east to west skiing and went on a sailing expedition with SailNorway from Tromsø to Longyearbyen. In everyday life quality time spent with her dog in the neighborhood forest, cooking dinner on the bonfire and watching the northern lights, is a treasured activity. She loves new adventures - big or small, and to share the joy of these experiences with others! 



Elias is 26 years old and just love the snow and Winter! The winter has always had a special attraction on him. Not just the winter, but also mountains and fjords. He moved early from his childhood home and went to study Freestyle Skiing at the Norwegian Top Sports Gymnasium in Lillehammer for three years. Then he started working as a ski instructor at Hafjell Alpine Center. This lasted two years before he wanted a longer ski season and more winter. 

A new adventure started in Alta where he studied Arctic Outdoor Life at UiT. Part of this bachelor's program was the Arctic Nature Guide education in Svalbard. Here it was enough winter for him and he had a great year with a lot of skiing. After completing his bachelor's degree, he went straight to the Master of Sport Science back in Alta. 

“I came to the north with a thought to test it out, and basically I had no plans to stay here long. Now I have been living in the Arctic for five years. Outdoor life is what I live for and skiing is what I am passionate about”