We cross Finnmarksvidda from Alta to Karasjok, the classic route voted by Forbes Travel Guide to one of the world`s five most beautiful skiing tours!

This is an unforgettable Journey over the frozen landscape, where you will experience the arctic silence, the wilderness and the amazing light. NORD Ekspedisjon will make sure you have a memorable experience.



🗓 March - April

🕙 4 days, Thursday - Sunday

Group size: Min 4 pers./ Max 12 pers.

Join us on a four-day tour on Finnmarksvidda and experience magnificent scenery and the endless frozen thundra. We spend the night in heated mountain lodges and get served warm dinners in the evening. In total, we are skiing a distance of approx. 90 km. The longest stage will be day two as we cross Finnmark's largest lake, Iesjavri. On skiing across Finnmarksvidda we use certified Arctic Nature Guides and we’ll give you a great experience from start to end. Join this adventure!


  • 3 Overnight stays at mountain cabins

  • Breakfast: Fri- Sat- Sun

  • Lunch: Thur- Fri- Sat- Sun

  • Dinner: Thur- Fri- Sat

  • Transportation

  • Sertified ANG guide

Not included

  • Drinks / mineral water

  • Dinner sunday

  • Personal equipment and clothing

  • Hotel before and after the trip

  • Flight tickets

Add on

  • Rent a pulka / sled

  • Hut tub & sauna

  • Bed sheets


Day 1 - Thursday

You decide if you want to arrive Alta the night before or the same day as the skiing expedition. It is important that you are in Alta by 11:30 on Thursday. If you arrive the same day, you must be as good as ready for skiing when we pick you up at the airport. When all participants have arrived, we are transported from Alta and to Stilla, where the skiing expedition starts. The first stage goes into Jotka Mountain Cabin, where Steinar and Lise will welcome us with delicious homemade food. The distance this day may vary, ranging from 20km to 5-6km, depending on when we get started. It may be smart to find the bed early in the evening, because tomorrow we will cross the largest lake on Finnmarkvidda: Iesjavri.


Day 2 - Friday

We wake up well refreshed and ready for a long day. This day we will go skiing for many hours and travel a distance of 30 km as we cross Finnmark's largest lake, Iesjavri. Therefore, it is important to have a good breakfast and that we bring a big lunch. You will feel small in the magnificent surroundings during today's distance. The temperature can creep down to 20-25 minus in the evening when the sun is on its way down, so it's important to be well-dressed and it's important to eat and drink enough during the day. Just before the body starts to feel that it's had enough, we come to a new mountain house: Molliesjok. A new fantastic meal awaits us and will fall asleep fast tonight.


Day 4 - Saturday

Today, we probably wake up with some tired bodies, but are relatively fit and ready for a new day. Before departure there will be breakfast and we have to make lunch. We will be skiing in new, beautiful areas with endless tundra, before we bend down into the valley of mountain birch forest and to a new mountain cabin: Ravnastua. Today's distance is less than 30 km. Here it will be possible to take a sauna and stamp under the starts and northern lights. This could be very nice after three days of frozen toes and stiff fingers.


Day 5 - Sunday

Last day and last leg. Today the trip goes through "Winter Wonderland". Through the mountain birch forest and we might get a glimpse of groose and fox, at least trace them. After about 7-8 km we start downhill and we head down towards Assebakti and the national road to Karasjok. Just down at the road we get picked up and if we get Down to the road early, we can take a ride around the village of Karasjok before we take the three-hour drive back to Alta. Total distance this day will be about 15 km. The flight can be booked after 18:00 on Sundays. We encourage participants to stay to Mondays, so the group will end with a shared dinner in Alta (This meal is not included in the price).

Uquipment and preparations

Preperation: On Thursday morning everything has to be ready for the trip. All your personal equipment and clothing is packed and you're dressed for skiing. For those arriving the day before, we start with a cup of coffee, a little talk and looking at the map in our Explorer Store. We put our luggage and skies in the car and leave Alta after a short hour.

Equipment: You will receive a complete package list after you have booked the trip. Here is a short summary of the equipment and clothing you'll need on this trip. If you have any questions please contact us!

  • Skies, poles and warm ski boots

  • Wool underwear X 2

  • Windproof hooded jacket and trousers

  • Warm hat and gloves

  • Thick down jacket

  • Wollen sweater

  • Sleeping bag

  • Toiletries, sun glasses, headlight

  • Drinking bottle and Thermos (min. 1 liter each)

  • Sleeping/ sitting pad

Other equipment, like pulka/sled, NORD Ekspedition can provide for you.

Level of difficulty

Befor joining this trip, you should have experience with skiing and be in good fysical condition. It can be up to teen to twelve hours of skiing every day. For every 6th guest, we'll have one guide. This means that we have small groups and that we can make adjustments to the individual's level.

You must be capable to pull or carry your own equipment. But we do not have to bring heavy food or many tents, as we are staying in mountain cabins. Also, to pull a sled on snow is a lot easier than carrying the equipment in a backpack. We have sleds for rental. 

If you are unsure of your own skill level or the physical requirements of this trip, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make the trip comfortable as possible and also your expectations as realistic as possible.


If you want to leave your sleeping bag at home and instead sleep with duvet and pillow, we can arange that. There will be an addition in the price of 500 NOK per person for three nights.

If you want to pull the equipment in pulk instead of having it on your back, you can rent pulk from us for 400 NOK. We use Paris Expedition pulka and are rigged with elastic rope. We recommend to pack your gear in duffel-bags(s) if you are going to use pulka.

If you dream of a hot bath in the jacuzzi or sauna and a cold beer during the trip then this is possible with an extra charge of 400 NOK per person (Minimum 4 persons).

We will be back in Alta Sunday evening latest at 16:00. If you and your fellow travelers want to complete this wonderful weekend with a better dinner on the Sunday evening and stay a few extra days, we can of course arrange that for you. This will take a vote on when the trip is approaching, but keep this in mind when booking the tickets.

When the tour is booked you will be contacted by the guide who will take you across Finnmarksvidda. We help you with the preparation and can provide equipment and package tips. Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us:

+47 78 10 20 00 // Contact@nordekspedisjon.no