Teambuilding is about creating teamspirit, motivation and well-being!

🗓 All year

🕙 1 - 3 hours

Group size: 8 - 30 participants

We have a number of different activities waiting for you! Which team is the stronges? Who manages to solve the puzzle fastest? We have tasks that are suitable for everyone, and we customize the arrangement according to the group's sizes.

Normally we divide you into teams and the exercises will take place at Alten Lodge, but other areas can also be used. A program with different exercises takes between 1-2 hours. It is excellent to combine this with a light snack in warm lavvo, such as wraps or barbecue. When the teams have competed in 5-8 different tasks, we start with a final competition for the winning team, leaving us with only one winner.

Price: from NOK 390,- per person*

*Price depends on the number of participants. Price only applies to the teambuilding exercises. Add-on cost extra.


Team spirit

The most common is that we divide the group into teams that compete against each other and collect points through 5-8 different exercises. The exercises and activities can be adjusted according to the size of the group. The winning team meets for a final final competition. Teambuilding is a good fit for groups of 8 - 30 participants.


Exciting tasks

Most activities take place outdoors. We have a wide range of activities we can use in the categories: knowledge, strength, skill and precision. We can add demanding and challenging activities, or we can create a program with more quiet and familiar tasks. No matter how high or low the difficult level is this will be a unique and content evening!



Participants have to work well together to complete the tasks. It is not just about moving in the same direction, but also finding good solutions and exploiting each other's strengths. Teams often have to think creatively when solving tasks. It's not always raw strength who is the solution to fulfill the task. Maybe there are some hidden messages in the description?


Great food and drinks

The body needs food to perform the best. Although not all tasks involve physical activity, the brain also needs some energy to perform the best. We arrange the food according to your wishes. If you want to have it easy with food made on the bonfire in the lavvo or if you want to end the evening with a delicius 3 course dinner is up to you.

Create your own package:

Combine the teambuilding exercises with:

  • Fjord Safari by RIB (2 hours)

  • Food in the lavvo at Alten Lodge

  • Dinner at Stakeriet

  • Dinner servert at Alten Lodge with your private chef

  • Overnight stay at Alten Lodge with jacuzzi and sauna

  • Other activities such as go-karting, golf and paintball

A secret trip for your group?

What about arranging teambuilding in secret for the other participants? The other persons do not know what their up to this day! Only the persons who are in dialouge with us have a clue what is going to happen. This makes the program even more exciting and the uncertainty makes the competitve Instinct sharpen. Of course, we tailormake the activities to the group, so the program will suit everyone, regardless of group size, physical form and the desired level of tension.

Practical informastion:

  • Most exercises will take place outdoors, so bring warm clothes and shoes according to the season and arctic climate. At Alten Lodge we have a large lavvo (tent) which we use for some of the exercises if the weather is bad. Changes can be made regarding weather conditions.

  • We can arrange transportation to Alten Lodge for you, or you can arrange this on your own.


If you are interested in teambuilding for your group, please contact us for a chat: +47 78 10 20 00 or send a mail to contact@nordekspedisjon.no. You can also visit us at Løkkeveien 33 or fill out the contact form below.