The perfect winter package for those who want the best the Arctic has to offer. In four days you will get an insight of the history of Alta, visit the Igloo Hotel and connect with the arctic. You will aslo go chasing the northern lights, exploring the wild fjords and the majestetick humpack whale and try dogsledding with alaskan huskies.

This package, The Arctic Escape - Lodge Life, is exclusive to private groups only.

Feel free to ask us for a customized program for your group.

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  • Activities:

    • Wilderness evening at Alten Lodge

    • Visit the Igloo Hotel

    • Hunting the northern lights (2 nights)

    • Fjord & whale safari

    • Dogsledding with alaskan huskies.

  • Acommodation:

  • Food:

    • 3 x Breakfast

    • 2 x Lunch

    • 3 x Dinner

Not Included

  • Airfare to Alta

  • Lunch

  • Beverages


  • Sami Experience

  • Snowmobile tour

  • Extra overnight stay at Alten Lodge

  • Day tour to North Cape

Price from

NOK 25.000,- pr. guest*

*For groups with minimum 5 participants


Day 1:


Arrival - Pick up Alta Airport (ALF) - Check in at Alten Lodge

We meet and welcome you at the airport. We take you to the Alten Lodge for check in. High standard lodge with a great view to the Altafjord. This is Your Arctic Escape. The lodge sits is an ideal location: just 15 minutes from the airport, close to the fjord in front and the mountains all around. Read more about the lodge here.


19:30 - 22:00: Arctic Wildernees Evening including local food

At Alten Lodge we have a big Lavvo with a big bonfire in the middle. Here you will listen to a presentation of the history of Alta, from the Rock Carvings, the WWII and to modern time. The host will serve a warm reindeer dish, fresh coffee from the bonfire and cake. We reccomend comfortable outdoor clothes and warm shoes. (This can be rented by us). Possible to se the northern lights dancing above your head.

Day 2:


07:30 - 08:30: Enjoy a tasty breakfast at the lodge

08:45 - 14:00: Fjord & Whale safari

In the winter season we have a some of the world’s biggest mammals, the whales, in the Altafjord. This tour combine both fjord safari and whale watching. We’ll pick you up at the lodge and bring you to our Explorer Store, here we start with a short brief before we’re heading for the whales. At the Explorer Store you also can buy warm woollen clothing. Read more about the tour here. Note that if there are no whales in the fjord, we offer a fjord- and king crab experience instead.


14:00: It’s time for lunch!

We will recommend a cozy place in the city center where you can enjoy both healthy and tasty lunch. After lunch you have time on your own, maybe you want to have a closer look at the Northern Light Cathedral?

When you’re ready we’ll bring you back to the lodge, where you can relax in the jacuzzi & sauna, or just have a powernap before dinner and the next activity.


17:00: Dinner made by private chef

Before we head out to hunt the northern lights you need to have something to eat. You will get served a 3-course menu with the chefs recommendation made at the lodge.


19:00 - 23:00: Hunting the Northern Lights

This tour is all about Northern Lights hunting and you'll spend the almost 4 hours finding the best location for Aurora viewing. We start with a informativ brief about the northern lights at the lodge. We will aslo provide you with propper clothes if needed. After this brief we will head out in the dark night in our comfortable vans and hunt the green flames of the aurora. Read more abot this tour here.

Day 3:


08:00 - 09:00: Enjoy a tasty breakfast at the lodge

09:40 - 13:00: Dogsledding with Alskan Huskies

We will pick you up at the lodge and take you to a husky farm. A team of huskies will take you out in pairs, as mushers or passengers, riding through the snowy forest and on the ice that covers the famous Alta River. There’s no better way of getting close to nature than this. While the huskies love to run in frigid temperatures, the frozen landscape is like nothing you’ll ever see, glittering in the sunlight. Note that if there is not enough snow for the dog sledding activity, we offer a ride with dog carts instead. Read more about this tour here.


13:00: Visit the Igloo hotel and enjoy a lunch at Sorrisniva

After the dogsledding you’re brougt to the Igloo Hotel - the worlds northernmost ice hotel, built from ground every year with different themes. Wander among handcrafted ice sculptures and feel the serenity and silence the Igloo Hotel gives you. Everything is made from pure snow and ice (Notice that the igloo hotel does not open before end of december),

After visiting the Igloo hotel you will get served lunch before we bring you back to the lodge. Maybe you want to use the sauna or the jazucci after a cold experince?


17:00: Dinner at Stakeriet

Before the evening's activity, you also need to get a propper dinner. We’ll take you to Stakeriet where another tasty dinner is ready for you in a private room.

The concept around Stakeriet is anchored around Alta River and Altas slate industry. Here you will not only get top class food, but also an understanding of what Alta River and the extraction of slate has meant for our history and culture.


19:00 - 23:00: Hunting the Northern Lights

Another chase after the majestetick northen lights. This evening we can end up in a completely different place with a different Northern Lights show than yesterday. The Northern Lights activity varies from day to day, and to be sure that you get to explore this amazing phenomenon when you're in the Arctic, we want to go on another hunt with you.

Day 4:


08:00 - 09:00: Enjoy a tasty breakfast at the lodge

Departure - Check out at Alten Lodge - Drop off Alta Airport (ALF)

If you don’t want to leave the Arctic after only four days, we can add another day at Alten Lodge and maybe tempt with a Sami Experience in Kautokeino, or do you want to explore the North Cape?

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