The Cold climate in the arctic...


The people here in the north have over many generations learned to cope and live in such conditions. We like to be out in the nature and that applies also in the winter, even though we have the Polar Night. During this period from 25th of November until 17th of January, the path of the sun goes entirely under the horizon, even at its highest. This is what we call the Polar Night. During the Winter the temperature can drop down to minus 30 degrees. 



Join us an experince Alta and Finnmark Winter time. We offer a varied range of experiences, ranging from a short hike in Alta to a multi-day ski expedition over Finnmark Plateau. Choose yourself how you want to experience the Arctic. We at NORD Ekspedisjon will make sure you have a great experience here in the north and our guides will ensure your safety is taken care of. Book your next adventure today!

Fjord & Whale safari

In the winter season we have a fantastic light here in the North. We also have the posibilities to watch some of the world’s biggest mammals, the whales, in the Altafjord. Do you want to spend some hours in Altafjord with the possibilities for whale spotting?

Northern lights trips

Winter is a perfect time for hunting the Northern Lights. The darkness makes it possible to experience stunning lights on the night sky. Check out our Northern Lights tours.


Do you want to go for a walk to one of Altas best viewpoints? On this 4,5km arctic wandering trip we leave the city and head down towards the fjord via our viewpoint and several historic landmarks on the route.We will end up by our fireplace where we will enjoy the silence and make a fire.


We will drive over the frozen mountain plateau to the Sami town of Kautokeino. There we will visit Finnmark's first silversmith Juhls and also a reindeer herd. You will get an Insight in the Sami culture and history. If you like art and culture, this is a tour for you!

Four day Classic ski trip crossing Finnmarksvidda

Awarded by Forbes Travel Guide to one of the world's five most beautiful skiing tours. Great chances to see the Northern lights, experience the arctic silence and explore the remote areas in Northern Norway.


Bli med på en 4 dagers uforglemmelig

Skiekspedisjon over Finnmarksvidda

  • Kåret av Forbes Travel Guide til en av verdens fem flotteste skiturer




ALTEN LODGE - The Arctic Escape

The perfect accomondation between the fjord and the mountain, just 15 minutes from Alta. Do you need a tailormade package of accommodation and local activities? Send us an e-mail:

Your Arctic Story

We want to create great arctic memories for you! On all of our tours and activities we can offer you a photo package. We take care of your memories, you enjoy the great landscape with your own eyes, and not trough the camera lens. Get in touch for more information.